The world dismisses a great comedian: Jerry, father of Ben Stiller, dies at 92

After 70 years of experience in show business, Hollywood fired a great actor and comedian: Jerry Stiller, father of the famous Ben Stiller, died at 92 years old. See all the details here.


Renowned comedian Jerry Stiller, who launched his career alongside his wife Anne Meara in the 1950s and reemerged four decades later on the legendary Seinfeld television show as the nervous Frank Costanza, died at 92.

On Monday, Ben Stiller, famous actor and Jerry's son, announced that he died of natural causes through his official Twitter account. "It saddens me to say that my father, Jerry Stiller, passed away from natural causes. He was a great father and grandfather, and the most devoted husband to Anne for about 62 years. She will be greatly missed. I love you dad," she wrote.

Ben Stiller and his father Jerry.

Jerry Stiller was a multi-role artist in various films, including Walter Matthau's sidekick in the thriller "The Capture of the Pelham 1-2-3" and Divine's husband Wilbur Turnblad in the John Waters comedy "Hairspray "

He also wrote an autobiography, "Married to Laughter," about his more than 50-year marriage to his soulmate Meara, who died in 2015. He also worked on television, from "Murder She Wrote" to "Law and Order" and alongside her partner Meara on "The Ed Sullivan Show".

Jerry Stiller and his wife, Meara.

Although Jerry Stiller was a supporting actor in "Seinfeld," he created unforgettable moments on the Emmy-winning show: co-creator and model for "Brother," a men's bra; a Korean War cook who inflicted food poisoning on his entire unit; and even an always simmering salesman who controls his explosive temper with the mantra shouted, "Serenity now!"

Stiller earned an Emmy nomination in 1997 for his performance "Seinfeld." In an Esquire interview in 2005, Stiller recalled that he was out of a job and was not the first choice for the role of Frank Costanza, father of Jason Alexander's neurotic George. "My manager had retired," he said. "He was about 70 years old and had nowhere to go," he said.

Jerry Stiller in 'Seinfeld'.

Initially, she was told to play the role of a submissive husband with a dominant wife, Estelle, played by Estelle Harris; but the character was not working, until Stiller suggested his reincarnation as a hysterical man answering his wife cry by cry.

This earned him a place as Vince Lombardi in a Nike commercial and the role of another over-the-top father in the long comedy "The King of Queens." An impressive career in the world of comedy and acting!

Jerry Stiller with his childs Amy y Ben, and his wife Meara.

Meanwhile, Stiller and his wife Meara raised two children at their home on the Upper West Side of Manhattan: their daughter Amy, who became an actress, and their son Ben, who became an author, director, and actor in films like "Mad About Mary". Even Jerry and Ben Stiller performed together on "Shoeshine."

Stiller was the son of a bus driver and a housewife, he grew up in Brooklyn during the era of the Great Depression and his inspiration to enter show business came at the age of 8, when his father took him to see the Marx Brothers. in the comedy classic "A Night at the Opera."

When he grew up, he earned a degree in dramaturgy from Syracuse University after serving in World War II, and then moved to New York City to launch his career. But his life and career took off after meeting Meara in the spring of 1953. They married that fall. They soon appeared on "The Ed Sullivan Show" and at nightclubs across the country.

From there, Jerry Stiller did not stop and even with several years on, his talent was still intact to make thousands of families laugh behind the small (or big) screen. An idol is gone!

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