They compare Emily Ratajkowski with Penelope Cruz They say they look like mother and daughter!

This Tuesday, April 28, the actress Penélope Cruz is celebrating her birthday and her fans pay tribute to her with several photos and videos, remembering her best moments. Among them, the comparison between the artist and the model Emily Ratajkowski appeared. It is true?

By  Right Now Newsroom

Penelope Cruz turns 46 this Tuesday, April 28, and on social media, her followers celebrate in a big way.

Scenes from her best movies, photos with her great looks and even memories of her family, friends and colleagues: the beautiful Spanish actress surprises everyone in every production on the big screen and deserves a big round of applause.

But among the various publications her thousands of followers made and shared, a photo appeared on Instagram where Penelope Cruz was compared (and even claimed to be a successor) with the beautiful model Emily Ratajkowski.

Among the justifications, it is found that the 28-year-old girl exactly imitates the Spanish woman's movements, her way of combing her hair and even her dresses. Is it plagiarism or admiration?

Penélope Cruz and Emily Ratajkowski.

Happy birthday, Penelope Cruz!

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