Tini Stoessel causes controversy again with his "strange" navel

Tini Stoessel is not only a magazine cover for her great musical talent, but also for her beauty, but particularly for her navel. Although the comments on the matter had already ceased, a recent photo of the singer opened the debate again and some destroyed it!

In 2019, the Argentine Tini Stoessel caused mixed feelings with a photo on her social networks where her navel was the focus of attention for haters and fans. Although she only wanted to model, her face and talent were left aside with that peculiar imprint on her belly.

Tini Stoessel, the young Argentinean who causes a sensation for her navel.

Now, the also actress posted a photo on Instagram and gathered more than 1 million likes and 15 thousand comments that, although her goal was to spread the success of her new single with Khea "Ella dice", focused on her navel.

Tini Stoessel causes controversy again with his "strange" navel

In just 15 hours, the photo that the Argentine singer uploaded to her official Instagram account received several positive comments, mostly fans and celebrities such as Greeicy Rendón, but also "haters" with negative energy.

One of them generated repercussion and rejection by her followers: "Cute navel in the shape of Capeleti". The answers were not far behind with the originality and a follower of Tini Stoessel wrote to him: "half a stack, brother .. you have a high face and you are not told anything."

Tini Stoessel drives her new song : "Ella dice".

As we said before, it is not the first time that Sebastián Yatra's ex-girlfriend has been through this situation and even, she has already responded harshly against those who attack her particular navel.

They are frustrated by a navel, it is a simple navel.

Tini Stoessel.