Tini Stoessel fans attack Danna Paola for a controversial comment

After a live broadcast of the singers Sebastián Yatra and Danna Paola to launch the video clip for "No bailes sola", a comment appeared that stunned the followers of Tini Stoessel, the Colombian's ex-girlfriend. Danna does not escape the controversy.

Danna Paola and Sebastián Yatra presented the official video clip of the song No bailes sola, a hit on all music platforms, such as Spotify and Apple Music. For the presentation, they performed a live on Instagram, which went viral quickly, and not because of the new single.

Among the comments of the Colombian and Mexican fans, excited to hear them both and see the unpublished images of the video clip, Danna's manager, Mariana Díaz, appeared. The woman wrote in full transmission "Tini does not exist".

It was a comment that caused Danna Paola's fandom to start writing "Mariana we love you", but Yatra himself was surprised and asked the Mexican singer who Mariana was. She claimed not to know her, but her suspicious attitude provoked the anger of fans of Tini Stoessel.

Hours later, from one of Danna Paola's fandom accounts, they published a text that said: “Important information. Danna's team informs us that Mariana's account was hacked, so the comments made on her live were not written by Mariana. We hope that this problem will be solved soon and they can find the culprit of the hack”

In turn, in her Instagram profile photo, instead of her photo, a photo of the also Argentine actress and ex-girlfriend of Sebastián Yatra appeared. Unfortunately, the hack was denied and rejected by Tini fans.

This fandom by Tini Stoessel called her pathetic move to pretend to be hacked "pathetic." The controversy grew so much that it became a meme and a national Trending Topic under the title "She says give your face."

In turn, a fan decided to get into her profile to observe what data was included and found that both the email and the cell phone of the person who manages the account belong to a person residing in Mexico, and that the email has the manager's initials.

Since then, the messages that say:

"If you are going to pretend that you were hacked, at least change your data"
"You must be the only person in the world who is left with the real personal data that is just security for the password"
"You're a RIDICULA"
"Evidence that hacking is fake continues to pile up"
"I think I finished confirming that Danna's manager is 5 years old."

Danna Paola is still the center of attention. After being placed as the "third in discord" in the breakup of Sebastián Yatra and Tini Stoessel. Now her manager Mariana Díaz generates an even bigger scandal, which leaves the Mexican singer wrong.