Tini Stoessel's most controversial photo

The charming singer and actress has surprised her millions of followers, after posting one of the most controversial photos on her official Instagram profile.

Tini Stoessel is a wonderful singer and actress of only 23 years of age, who from a very young age has managed to attract the attention of millions of people worldwide, thanks to her talent and beauty.

Taking into account the fact that the famous one has such a unique and fresh personality, which she reveals in each of the publications she makes on her official social networks.

It seems that since Tini Stoessel ended Sebastián Yatra, she has successfully overcome the grieving process. This is made very clear in each of the publications she makes on her official Instagram profile.

In fact, this last photograph has been listed as one of the controversies of the month, due to the pose and the scarce clothes in which the famous singer appears.

In this controversial snapshot, Tini Stoessel appears wearing completely unique garments from the famous brand ‘Calvin Klein’, and she shows them in full detail, since she did not wear anything else underneath.