Tip for cooking the juiciest omelette in the world

Omelets are a delight and help us to solve a meal in a few minutes. However, many times they are not as juicy as we want. Here we tell you a simple recipe with the tip of the year.

You don't have to look any further. Here you will find the tip you need so that your omelets are delicious and juicy without much complication.

Tip for cooking the juiciest omelette in the world

What do you need?

How to cook it:

Step 1: Cut the bacon into small pieces and put in a nonstick skillet to cook until well roasted. Meanwhile, cut the onion and tomato into small cubes and reserve.

Step 2: When the bacon is ready, mix the eggs with the onion and tomato without frying, add salt, pepper and fresh coriander, and place in the pan along with the toasted bacon. Cover and cook on each side until ready.

The juicy omelet tip lies in: the tomato-egg ratio; in avoiding to fry the onion and the tomato because when doing it, they lose the juice while if they cook together with the egg it will keep the liquids in the preparation making it much juicier; and also putting the lid on the pan when cooking makes a lot of difference.

You can add other ingredients if you wish, but you always have to make sure that there is an egg-food ratio, and that it contains an ingredient that gives it juiciness that can be cheese for the tomato.

If you wish, this simple omelet can be accompanied with a capresa salad or with a quick and delicious tuna salad.

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