Tips to discover the "romance scammers": A very real and little known danger

Online romantic scammers are a very real danger and lurk on any social network or email platform.

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The old saying goes: "Think well and you will be right." And in the 2.0 world, especially in dating platforms or a little more open social networks such as Facebook, it is good advice to take into account, protect yourself and be very careful.

Online romance scammers or scammers are a very real danger and lurk on any social network or email platform.

The first thing you have to know is that if you were a victim of any of these online scammers, it is not your fault, often loneliness and the need for affection, lead us to look for it in the wrong places, and the Internet is a very dangerous one, where these types of scams abound.

Also, if you do not have experience in this Internet dating, it is better that, at the request of any stranger, or a message a little sudden, you go very carefully, if you decide to answer it.

This article is not intended to judge anyone, on the contrary, it is an investigation into the characteristics of this type of online criminal, who, at the end of the day, are very clear about their objectives: Get money from you.

So, if you are going to venture into this virtual dating app or have decided to respond to this handsome boy who has contacted your inbox without warning, be very careful, it can be a trap!

Characteristics of romance scammers

Some of the characteristics of romance scammers can be very obvious, but many do not notice them with the naked eye until it is too late.

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