Top secret: Know what was never told about Angelina Jolie

Today we tell you some interesting facts that come to light very little about the beautiful Angelina Jolie. Read it all here to learn more about her secret life.

A curious fact from her childhood is that although she wanted to start a career as an actress and model at an early age. The problems of pre-adolescence played against her, as her classmates made fun of her appearance.


Although she is currently a very peaceful woman, she was not always like this. At twelve, she was a bad girl who beat her friends and also experimented with animals.

Her tattoos are Buddhist mantras that bring luck and fortune, she has an image that represents four continents and also the four elements: earth, water, fire and wind.

All the money she earns is divided into 3 parts: she uses it for her necessary things, she donates the other third and finally, what she has left, she saves. Angelina is well known for this awakening in the humanitarian.

Angelina Jolie

Finally, she is a very liberal woman so she had a facet where she went out and also lived with a recognized model of Asian origin, Jenny Shimizu, and in an interview she commented that she had plans to marry her.