Tragedy! Zac Efron does not want to see himself again as in Baywatch

This movie gave goosebumps to more than one after seeing the burning bodies that the cast had to build.

By  Right Now Newsroom

The entire cast (except La Roca, he did it long ago) had to work very hard to obtain the chiseled figure that characterized Baywatch.

Regarding this, Zac Efron, who surprised us greatly and gratified our minds, indicated that he will not have that body again because it represents an enormous physical and mental effort and he is not willing to submit to it.


In an interview for "Hot Ones" the actor explained:

"For me athletes are like movie stars."

Efron, although he does not want to have that figure again, not because he does not like it but because of the effort and food restrictions, expressed that he is proud of having achieved the silhouette that the character required.

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