Trend: Sebastián Yatra goes viral with this gesture he made

The famous urban music singer has once again gone viral, after appearing in this outgoing photograph in a rather unique and indescribable way.

As we have all been able to realize, the famous urban music singer Sebastián Obando Giraldo better known as Sebastián Yatra. In addition to captivating us with his musical songs, he has also achieved it with his charming personality.

Sebastián Yatra 

At 25 years old, he has managed to impact millions of people worldwide, thanks to certain compositions that lift the spirit and energy of those who are certainly not having a good time.

In fact, he also does it with his body expressions, which are very funny and make more than one person stop laughing. As for example, the following photograph that we will see below.

Sebastián Yatra and his funny gesture

Certainly, this photograph has been around the social networks for some time, but once again it has become a trend, thanks to the funny appearance of the Colombian singer and songwriter.

Many of his fans have wondered "What detail made Yatra perform that gesture?" As we can see the singer was on board an airplane, but it seems that at that time he was not very comfortable.