Twice, the idols of K-pop: An industry that leaves nothing to chance

Five South Korean girls, two Japanese, one Taiwanese and one American make up the group "Twice", the ninth leader of K-pop

The rise of the women's music group Twice gives a clear idea of how planned everything is in the K-pop industry, another of the huge companies with which South Korea continues to take over world markets.

The nine members of Twice were selected in the reality show of the year Sixteen, a great success in tune on South Korean television, which was due to a well-planned strategy of the record label JYP Entertainment, one of the large companies that manages the threads of the K-pop.

Five South Korean girls, two Japanese, one Taiwanese, and one American were selected among the dozens of young Sixteen participants, which secured a huge fan base for the new group before it even recorded their first album.


From the beginning Twice was led by Jihyo, who is perhaps the ninth most talented singer-songwriter and dancer. The group debuted in 2015 with The Story Begins, their first album, from which their worldwide hit became popular: Like OOH-AHH.

Since then Twice has released two more albums and a couple of compilations that have made them leaders in K-pop, a music move that is run by South Korean music industry entrepreneurs. This musical genre has been gaining more and more markets around the globe.