Two drops of water: see which famous children are identical to their parents

Parents and children who look like siblings, children who look like parents, parents who look like children, what happens here? Look at the famous actors, actresses and singers who, with their children, are two drops of water. They will surprise you.

"They are like two drops of water" is a very typical phrase, surely you heard it from your grandmother sometime in reference to you and your brother or your parents. In this opportunity, we will show you celebrities and their children identical to these. As they get older, they become more alike to their parents.

On the mothers side, without a doubt, the actress Reese Witherspoon and her daughter Ava Philippe, 20 years old. During one of the movies from the 90s, Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe met, soon after they married and had the girl, but in 2007 they separated. Ava has 'overshadowed' her mother on many red carpets, inherited her beauty.

Reese Witherspoon and her daughter Ava Philippe

Another very similar case is Meryl Streep and Mamie Gummer, 36, also an American actress, best known for her work on the series Emily Owens, M.D. Undoubtedly side by side, and from the youth of the legendary actress Meryl Streep, they look like sisters.

Meryl Streep and Mamie Gummer,

Another clear example is Melanie Griffith and her daughter, Dakota Johnson, famous for her role in the "Fifty Shades of Gray" film saga, along with Jamie Dornan. She is a product of the relationship between Griffith and Miami Division actor Don Johnson.

Melanie Griffith and her daughter, Dakota Johnson

Finally, we have actress Demi Moore and young Rumer Williams, a product of marriage with the famous action movie actor, Bruce Willis. Like her parents, the 31-year-old has also pursued her acting career and some of her appearances were in "Striptease", "The House Bunny", among others.

Demi Moore and young Rumer Williams

In the case of the parents, it seems that the similarity with their children is even greater: Kirk and his son, Michael Douglas, are literally two drops of water. The renowned actor who played the painter "Vincent Van Gogh" passed away in February 2020 and his son Michael continues his legacy, with great films such as "Low instincts".

Kirk and  Michael Douglas 

Actor Tom Hanks alongside Samantha Lewes had her son Colin, now 42 and identical to his father. The young man also followed the line of the performance and participated, for example, in Four families in one.

Tom Hanks and his son, Colin.

The list goes on with Martin Sheen and his famous son Charlie. The now 79-year-old man is an American actor, known for his role in the movie "Apocalypse Now", for his role as the President of the United States. Her son is not far behind with his performances in "Two and a Half Men" or "An Amusement Expert."

Martin and Charlie Sheen.

Finally, we meet the iconic Will and Jaden Smith. Undoubtedly, between the actor Will Smith keeps his youth intact and his son who between rap, acting and his constant changes of tincture make him look bigger, this duo does seem more brothers than father and son.

Will Smith and his son Jaden

What other fathers or mothers with sons or daughters do you remember being like 'two drops of water'?

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