Unmissable: Look at Cristiano Ronaldo dressed as Aladdin and Georgina Rodríguez from Power Ranger

The couple formed by Cristiano Ronaldo and the Spanish Georgina Rodríguez disguised themselves as two of the most famous children's characters. See here why.

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most respected and famous soccer players in the world, so every step he takes is news.

Cristiano Ronaldo and the Spanish Georgina Rodríguez

Siempre acostumbrados a verlo fuerte, entrenando duro esos musculotes suyos o, finamente vestido en alguna recepción, verlo disfrazado de un personaje de caricaturas no puede pasar por debajo de la mesa. 

Y si a eso le sumamos que su mujer, la bellísima modelo y bailarina, Georgina Rodríguez, también dejó el lujo por un disfraz igualmente infantil, es una fotografía imperdible desde todo punto de vista. 

Since becoming a father, we have seen a sweet facet of his personality that surprises us many times.

We have seen him having fun on the beach with the children, or all in a small bath with Cristiano, they are unforgettable moments.

On this occasion, Crisitiano and Georgina celebrated in a grand way the three years of the twins Eva and Mateo, Cristiano's sons, that Georgina has adopted as their own.

Eva and Mateo were conceived by Cristiano Ronaldo and a surrogate and arrived in the world before Cristiano met Georgina. When they were born, their father could not be present, because he was playing a world soccer tournament.

On this occasion, and to celebrate such an important date, they threw the house out the window and dressed as Aladdin and she as the pink Power Ranger. The best parents in the world.

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