Unmissable: Shakira breaks the silence about her music style

The charming Shakira was in charge of breaking the silence about her musical style in an important interview, which we suggest you do not waste time and watch it.

As we well know, the talented Shakira was born in the beautiful city of Barranquilla, Colombia in 1977, and from a young age she has remained fully involved in the world of art and entertainment.

This made the famous woman gain a lot of experience in the artistic world, since at a very young age she had already taken acting, singing and dancing classes. Although at first she started with belly dancing, without a doubt, over time she knew how to fit in with other musical styles.

Today, she is one of the most important celebrities both in Colombia and throughout Latin America, and this not only for her precious talent, but also for her charming personality which has helped her become a better person.

All this has made Shakira a special guest in many television programs, where she is asked for information or some explanations about her artistic and personal career, and the famous woman for her part must give her opinion about it.

In this last video, the famous singer decided to make known why all her music is so versatile and inclusive, and that is according to the singer's words. She has had so many artistic experiences after visiting many countries in the world, that it is impossible that her music is not infected by all these flavors.

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