Unmissable tip: See how to make instant ice at home

How many times has it happened that you have a drink that is at room temperature and you need to cool, but when you go to the refrigerator you do not have ice? This is most common, that's why we bring you several tips to get ice quickly.

Unfortunately, there is no appliance to cool instantly, but there are tips so that your ice cubes do not spend many hours in the refrigerator. So if you do not have enough time, or where to go shopping nearby, here we will tell you some tips.


Hot water: It is convenient to use hot water, since it freezes faster than cold or at room temperature. In addition, you will have transparent ice and not a whitish color. But why is this happening? Hot water contains more hydrogen bonds, making it more energetic and expelling faster at a subzero temperature.

Salt: If you have ice but you need to make the drink even colder, add salt. You just have to put in a container the drink to cool, ice and a little salt, stir everything and wait a few minutes. This tip is known as an endothermic reaction.

Blows: Sometimes brute force helps. Add a large bottle of water (1.5 liters) to the freezer and leave it until its freezing process begins, about an hour and a half, then take it out, tap the bottom of the bottle and watch the process yourself from turning from liquid to ice immediately.


With these tips you will surely save a lot of time and you will be able to enjoy perfect ice and a deliciously cold drink, in addition to impressing all your friends.

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