Unpublished: Photograph of Sebastián Yatra with Ricky Martin leaked

In recent days, a controversial photograph of Sebastián Yatra with Ricky Martin has been leaked by different social networks. Many of the fans seem to have misinterpreted this photograph. You can't miss it.

As we well know, Sebastián Yatra is characterized by being an incredible singer and composer of urban music. He has managed that many of his musical songs cross any type of border that exists in the world.

As for Ricky Martin, we know him very well both for his music and for fighting with all his strength the right that by birth corresponds to all people, regardless of their gender.

The best thing about both artists is that they decided to unite their talents to compose a wonderful work of art which they titled: "Lack of love." It has very beautiful lyrics, which manages to move the feelings of everyone who listens to it.

An important fact is that in recent weeks different rumors have emerged about a photograph where the two appear together. It was somewhat misrepresented by the location, and the way the two artists appeared.

It is very possible that the comments were made by haters of one of the two artists, since both Yatra and Ricky were at the time recording the song that we mentioned earlier. Apparently nothing happens between the two.