Unpublished: The sensual behind the scenes of the famous music video of Shakira and Rihanna

The recording was and is, one of the most sensual and provocative records, with 900 million views on YouTube

Six years ago the whole world burned in the flames with the video of the singers Shakira and Rihanna for the song Can't Remember to Forget You.

The recording was, and continues to be for the present, one of the most sensual and provocative records ever made for the music industry.

At the time, the video had more than 900 million views on YouTube, a milestone for 2014. In addition to many supporting comments to Shakira and Rihanna, and also not a few criticisms for the content that tested the limits of what is allowed in the platform.

A few days ago, an Instagram account of Shakira fans leaked a short behind-the-scenes video of the famous musical material, in which it is seen how close Shakira and Rihanna were to each other, in addition to their trust and complicity.

The single Can't Remember to Forget You led the music charts around the world and positioned Shakira and Rihanna on the podium of the goddesses of the forbidden, literally, since the video was censored in some media and countries.