Unpublished images: The behind-the-scenes video of the Queen band Breakthru

Recently, an unpublished video has been leaked through the different social networks where each of the members of the band Queen appears, recording the wonderful song Breakthru. You can not lose it.

Without a doubt, the Queen band was one of the most beloved in the world, not only for its spectacular music but also for the personalities of each of its members. They were all charming.

For that reason we do not stop smiling when we watch an unpublished video of this spectacular band. This is what has happened with the behind the scenes of the famous Breakthru projection, where each one appears in a rather humorous way.

This music video has turned out to be quite emotional for many of the fans of the band Queen, since Freddie can be seen being as adorable and charming as ever.

As we can see the music video was recorded on a train, when it was in motion. We cannot imagine the great adrenaline that each of the musicians felt when the wind hit their faces.

There is no doubt that this music video was one of the most enjoyed by the masterful band. We also love to see how our beloved Freddie appears smiling, more alive than ever.