Unpublished video: Freddie Mercury presented himself barefoot and shirtless

An unpublished video of the famous singer Freddie Mercury has been leaked, where he appears interpreting his incredible songs in the most incredible way possible.

Freddie Mercury was born in Stone Town, Tanzania, in the year 1946. As he grew up, the famous singer was seen as someone with little future since he was judged by the way his teeth were.

But over the years, Freddie Mercury showed that not only would he become an important celebrity of his time, but he would also become a legend and his musical themes would be heard from generation to generation.

 Queen band concerts were unique. Both the lights and the scenery could not be compared to any other show, this without taking into account the way in which the members of the band were dressed.

In fact, in this last video we can observe one of the most iconic ways in which the famous singer presented himself, barefoot, without shirts and taking a microphone, Freddie Mercury managed to drive everyone who listened to him crazy.

The video has been viralized by the different social networks, since as we well know there are not many clips with this recording quality. We will forever remember the incredible band Queen and its star member Freddie Mercury.