Unpublished video of Danna Paola singing

Danna Paola has been part of the art and entertainment world for almost all her life. That is why on many occasions we can find videos of her being a girl, but none better than this.

The fabulous actress and singer of Mexican origin Danna Paola, from a very young age has been involved in the performing arts, in which she has had important presentations in many film projects.

Unpublished video of Danna Paola singing

Since 1999 to be exact, the famous Mexican celebrity has been seen playing important roles in many series and soap operas, thus captivating millions of viewers.

Danna Paola from a young age has shown a talent for music, which is why she also managed to appear in musical projects, where her voice began to shine with its own light.

The masterful actress participated in a television series called "Ugly Duckling", where she gave life to this charming character, who had a true beauty hidden under her glasses and her strange hairstyle.

In fact, in this last video we can see the famous Danna Paola interpreting the incredible musical theme called "Duckling", and at that time she covered her face so that they would not recognize her, since as we can remember this character used to be quite insecure.