Unrecognizable: Justin Bieber from racial supremacist to advocate for African American people

A few years ago, young Justin Bieber was heavily criticized for his thoughts about human rights and equality. Now Justin seems to have changed his mind.

Justin Bieber has given a radical change of mind. From his initial position a few years ago, when he was heavily criticized for his racist positions, Justin now seems to have changed his mind.

Last year, Justin Bieber had to publicly apologize for some racist sayings he made in his past, when he was just a child. Today, Justin supports the massive movement that is taking place in the United States in favor of African American people rights . 

Justin Bieber

His change began in 2019, when the Canadian pop idol offered a public apology to his fans and the general public for his behaviors through his Instagram account.

“When I was young, I was rude and now I know that I said really hurtful things without knowing the power of my words. Even today, racism continues to exist and I want to use my voice to remind you that we are all human, and have the same value in the eyes of God",wrote Justin Bieber on that occasion.

That year, some videos of Justin in which he used the word ‘Nigga’ (derogatory term for blacks) came to light, along with comments such as, “Why are black people afraid of chains? Run! ”

Likewise, he used his song ‘One less lonely girl’ to make a remix and change the lyrics to ‘One less lonely nigga’; also say things like "If I kill you, it would be part of the KKK".

After his marriage to the model Hailey Bieber, Justin seems to have settled down, and today he has joined the #BlackLivesMatter movement, with messages of support on his social networks.

He also joined the #BlackOutTuesday campaign, in which the music industry shut down all its social media activity by supporting the movement to demand equal rights and respect for the black community in the United States and the world.


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