Unstoppable: J Balvin now mocks Maluma

JBalvin seems unstoppable. After recently mocking Shakira in an interview, he now does so with Maluma, another international Colombian.

In the style of reggaeton player Anuel AA, JBalvin seems to have his own agenda in which he has dedicated himself to criticizing two of the most famous Colombians in the world: Shakira and Maluma.

After the controversy for having mocked Shakira in a live interview with Maluma and Black Eyed Peads, now JBalvin does the same with Maluma.

J Balvin now mocks Maluma

Maluma participated in the interview in which JBalvin made fun of Shakira. He immediately came to the defense of Gerard Piqué's wife, something that JBalvin didn't seem to like very much.

The truth is that Maluma published a provocative photo with an even bolder message. It is a portrait with the tongue hanging out, in which Maluma put as a photo title: "When I see you".

Immediately JBalvin, who is a close friend of Maluma in real life, made a comment that for some exceeded all limits.

JBalvin is being harshly criticized on social networks, where they demand that she offer an apology to Shakira for having mocked her work methodology, which according to the Black Eyed Peads singers, is one of the strictest and always seeks perfection.

"In fact, I learned a lot from her because her way of working is like being in school. She knows every aspect of a song and helped me improve many things (...) first step 1, then step 2, then step 3 … ”, said Will.i.am about his experience of collaborating with Shakira.

"Then she returns you to step 1. You can go to step 7 or 10 and in the end you return to 1. 1 is 1", replied JBalvin with laughter and mocking tone. This unleashed a lot of criticism from his fans and Shakira's audience.