Video: Good God! Watch Natti Natasha's controversial video on Tik Tok

Natti Natasha is one of the most coveted women of the moment because her songs have managed to permeate around the world

By  Right Now Newsroom

Natti Natasha in recent days has been a trend on social networks because on various occasions he has given details about his health, therefore his fans are very concerned.

In this opportunity, we have observed a video on the singer's Instagram profile that has left everyone in love because we can clearly see how one of the most talked about songs of the artist has become a famous challenge in Tik Tok.

Obviously, the challenge was promoted by Natti herself as she gave life and movement to each dance step in front of the cameras. So all his fans have learned Natti Natasha's new challenge.

And the video we are talking about, we can see some of his fans doing the same movements as Natti, without a doubt he does it very well and the most curious thing is that the fan's dress is identical to Natti's. Did you lend it to him?

As a quote from the video, the Dominican stated: “How did Raquel do it !!! How many? I give it… #Repost @ racheeelx18 Despacio challenge @nattinatasha @nickyjampr @manuelturizo @ pinarecords1 #despaciochallenge #despacio #tiktok.

First time doing a challenge and with my favorite song! the truth is quite funny! Friends help me and tag Natti so you can see my video ”

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