Video: Jennifer Aniston tidies her house again. Do you plan to conquer Brad Pitt?

The beautiful actress is decorating her house again, after it was rumored that Brad Pitt will visit her in the following days

By  Right Now Newsroom

The famous actress, known mainly for her participation in the popular and historical series Friends, also has a facet as a producer and has even had the opportunity to run a company.

Not only is she beautiful and multifaceted, she has recently starred in a televised series called "The Morning Show." It is no secret to anyone that the actress has kept a veil of mystery around her relationship with actor Brad Pitt.

After rumors of her reconciliation with the actor of "Bastardos sin gloria", the actress has caused a stir in all the media by giving an order that gives much to think about. It is a facet that many ignored, his love for painting.

In an online interview with Jimmy Kimmel, he invited his fans to look inside his room. The actress is proud of the decoration of her house that she designed with a specialist, but now that she is rumored to receive Brad, she decided to make new changes.

"When you see this painting, it was more about wanting to make it as difficult as possible to guess what it was. So don't think this ... well, it's lovely ..." she said, making Jimmy laugh when he saw the image. "So are you going to hang that up?" joked.

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