War won: transgender women could participate in Miss Universe Colombia

War won: transgender women could participate in Miss Universe Colombia

After the conflict between the organizers of Miss Universe Colombia and the former winner of Miss Universe Spain, in the last hours it was announced that Angela Ponce was heard and the regulations changed. Look at the details.

Miss Universe Colombia, a franchise recently acquired by former Atlantic Miss Natalie Ackermann and which will be based in Barranquilla, announced a few days ago the regulations for the participation of its candidates.

This immediately generated controversy after going viral through social networks. Among the requirements, there was a point that generated controversy among LGBTQ activists and groups, where participation in the event was only directed at women who were born women and did not have reassignment surgeries of sex.

Miss Universe Colombia

In this regard, exMiss Universe Spain, Angela Ponce, the first trans candidate to compete, came out to speak. She said she felt "enormous sadness" at the way of thinking of the entity.

“All they do is take away from them as an organization the opportunity for wonderful women to make that wonderful country great and proud. The decision made by the organization of Miss Universe Colombia is a reflection of their own ignorance, "said the model through her official Instagram account".

However, now Miss Universe Colombia released a new statement where they reported that "trans women could participate later".

We are currently in an important transition between what was an old regulation, certainly very successful for many years. We are going to respect part of the tradition and we are going to make a transition towards new regulations where, gradually, we will finish with the same regulations of Miss Universe International. Miss Universe Colombia® does not close the possibility of including transgender women in the future”,they assured.

Maria Fernanda Aristizabal, Miss Colombia 2020.

Angela Ponce was undoubtedly successful. As always, she acts as an exreina who daily seeks to combat intolerance. Due to her great charisma and beauty, she became the face of several brands and organizations, including a benchmark for the LGBTQ community in Spain.

With more than half a million followers on Instagram, Angela Ponce continues to captivate everyone with her photo productions, modeling sessions and in the last few hours, she uploaded some photos in front of a microphone: "New experiences. I'll tell you more soon."

Ángela Ponce, Miss España 2018

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