Watch out! These are the foods that you should not include in your diet. They are dangerous!

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is often a bit complicated, especially in these times when many companies try to disguise foods that are harmful to us. Below you will know what foods are harmful to our body. Pay attention!.

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Most foods have negative effects on the body in the medium or long term, however, the most worrisome thing is that all are usually included in the diet daily. This time, we will reveal some more common ones and why they are considered harmful to health.

Alimentos dañinos para la salud

White or refined rice Be careful!

Food harmful to health

Although it is the most attractive in appearance, it is not the healthiest, so that the rice is completely white, it has to be subjected to a refined process where the outer layer and the germ are removed, where it is precisely in which it lodges great part of its properties.

Consuming it regularly in our meals is related to the increase in blood sugar levels and in the long term with diabetes. The best solution would be to replace it with brown rice, this contribution has high properties in B vitamins, contains fiber, is gluten-free and is very low in fat and calories. You never imagined it!

Wheat flour Another deadly food!

Food harmful to health

Wheat flour is another of the harmful foods for our diet, because when the cereal husk is removed, it loses all its fiber, vitamins and minerals, causing serious problems in our body such as constipation problems, fluid retention, etc.

You can substitute wheat flour for wholemeal flour since these serve to make rich and healthy breads, biscuits and even some light pasta.

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