Watch the 5 best movies Netflix recommends to soften your heart

In the midst of the current context, the famous streaming platform Netflix recommended five movies that will soften your heart. In one of them, Selena Gómez acts. You can not miss it!

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Netflix is generous with its fans and every day it posts, through its social networks, the best recommendations regarding series and movies.

This time, we are not talking about action, science fiction or police, but romantic with a bit of comedy. If you do not know what to see, you cannot miss this TOP 5 of films that will soften your heart.


The first is 2016's The Principles of Caring, directed by Rob Burnett and starring Paul Rudd, Craig Roberts, and Selena Gomez.

Synopsis: Ben is a retired writer who decides to dedicate himself to caring for the sick after experiencing a personal tragedy. After 6 weeks of training, he meets his first client, Trevor, a skinny 18-year-old boy with muscular dystrophy. Soon, they embark with their respective paralyzes, one emotional and the other physical, on an impromptu trip to all the places that have most attracted Trevor's attention in television news, among which the "Pit deepest in the world. "

The principles of care.

18 Gifts is the new Italian film that you can share with your mother from a distance and you will revalue the love that he gives you. It stars Vittoria Puccini, Bendetta Porcaroli and Edoardo Leo.

Synopsis: tells the story of Elisa, a forty-year-old woman who is a few months away from giving birth to her daughter when she is diagnosed with terminal cancer. When Anna arrives in the world, Elisa dies, but leaves an inheritance with great sentimental value: 18 gifts for her daughter to receive on each of her birthdays until she reaches the age of majority. However, when Anna grows up she becomes a teenager with behavioral problems, a fact that will lead her to discover her mother's past, shortly before she gave birth.

18 Regali

Third, And No One Else in 2018, directed by Stephanie Laing and starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Michiel Huisman, Steve Coogan, Jacki Weaver, and Christopher Walken.

Synopsis: The newly-betrothed Abbie and Sam have been the respective loves of their lives since school. When the future they envisioned is tragically cut short, their relationship faces definitive proof.


And nobody but you.

Paris is ours, French film of 2019, is directed by Elisabeth Vogler, with a performance by Noémie Schmidt and Grégoire Isvarine. It is an independently funded film before it was acquired by Netflix.

Synopsis: A young woman lives a turbulent relationship amid social tensions, protests and tragedies in Paris. A story in which dreams and reality collide with each other.

París is us

And finally, Seventeen 2019, a Spanish film directed by Daniel Sánchez Arébalo and starring Biel Montoro, Nacho Sánchez, Lola Cordón and Iñigo Aranburu.

Synopsis: Héctor is a 17-year-old boy who has two inmates in a juvenile center. Insociable and not very communicative, he hardly relates to anyone until he is encouraged to participate in reintegration therapy with dogs. In it, he establishes an indissoluble bond with a dog, which he calls the Sheep. But one day the dog is adopted and Héctor is unable to accept it. Although he has less than two months to complete his internment, he decides to run away to go find him.


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