Watch the embarrassing video of Greeicy Rendón

Greeciy Rendón is one of the most acclaimed reggaetón artists in Latin America. Her peculiar style and extreme sincerity have made her very famous.

Greeciy Rendón is quite a character. In addition to being incredibly beautiful, this Colombian has a unique talent and an angel voice.

But in addition to that, Greeicy Rendón stands out for its peculiar style, naturalness, simplicity and above all, originality on social networks.

Several times we have seen her recording videos in places as absurd as the bathroom in her house, and that her boyfriend Mike Bahía tries to avoid.

Watch the embarrassing video of Greeicy Rendón

This time it was no different. The interpreter of "Lovers" has released a video on her account on the social network Tik Tok in which she appears, apparently sitting on the toilet and suddenly realizes that she has no toilet paper.

So, she dedicates a piece of one of her songs to the personal hygiene product, which is a little removed from where she is. Also in the video one of her dogs appears, faithfully accompanying her.