Watch the first thing Kim Kardashian will do after the confinement

Isolation has served a number of things, including decreased global pollution, and also renewed hair for Kim Kardashian.

By  Right Now Newsroom

Reality celeb Kim Kardashian finds herself in social isolation just like many of the world's people.

In one of his last posts on his Instagram account, he comments on something that, although it may seem a bit inappropriate due to the world situation, is still totally and absolutely true.

“My hair will be very healthy after this quarantine time. Contemplating dyeing it blonde when we can have human interaction again. ”

And it is that after the pollution levels have decreased, and after a prolonged season at home, everything that we as a race have been destroying, is gradually restoring, and that includes our hair, always ready for the strongest treatments to maintain beauty.

So you know, if you want to apply revitalizing dyes or treatments, you have to follow Kim's example and wait until the end of the obligatory holidays to be safe and with regenerated hair.

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