Watch the video where Natti Natasha and Becky G face off to fight

The most famous singers of the urban genre have made a video viral where they are seen challenging each other. What a fight!

Natti Natasha with Becky G are two of the most famous reggaetoneras of today. These two powerful women definitely have what it takes to get everyone dancing.

It is a video from a few months ago, where at first they simulate a girl fight, but in the end they end up hugging both of them.

Both, Natti and Becky have proven to be great colleagues and friends. Colombian Karol G also joins this group, as we have previously seen the three of them celebrating their achievements together.

Despite their great fame, these women remain the same as always. In interviews and concerts they have shown that they have a great heart.

Now we can only wait for a new collaboration between these two, after their unbridled success "Without pajamas" these two managed to resonate in many countries where very little was heard. Surely if they get back together they would have a new success.