What happened to Cole Sprouse's face?

In recent days, a photograph of the famous Riverdale actor has gone viral, where he appears with his face completely beaten and mistreated and Lili Reinhart is shown next to him. What happened to him?

Cole Mitchell Sprouse, 27 years old, is characterized by being a fantastic actor, who gives himself completely to each of the roles assigned to him. That is why he is currently one of the most important characters in the Riverdale series.

Cole Sprouse

The famous with his ex-girlfriend have starred in different scenes super morbid and full of suspense, which have left millions of people in total terror due to the good performance of both.

For example of the latter we can see the famous actor Cole Sprouse completely bloodied, with a bruised face and extreme cuts and next to him is the charming Lili Reinhart.

What happened to Cole Sprouse's face?

In this photograph we can see that Cole Sprouse decides to pose in a rather gloomy way taking the neck of his ex-girlfriend delicately, while resting his gaze on the focus of the camera.

Lili Reinhart for her part, only outlines a smile of calm and security while taking the selfie with that person so important to her, who by the way had spectacular makeup at the time.