What you don't have to do while exfoliating your face

What you don't have to do while exfoliating your face

Who doesn't want to have a soft and lush skin? Up next, we reveal some factors you definitely have to avoid in your skincare routine when you are going to exfoliate your face.

The face's skin is a lot more delicate that other parts of our body. That's why we need to pay close attention to the skincare we give to it. Besides, it's our presentation card to the rest of the world.

There are thousands of exfoliating products on the market and even though, there are woman using sugar as an exfoliation method. 

Sugar is composed by very tiny crystals with lots of sharp ends, which means that when you drag them throughout your skin, you'll constantly provoking tiny cuts to it and injuring the epidermis. This leaves the skin exposed and sensitive and also allows it to age quicker.

It's recommendable to use the appropriate exfoliating products fabricated by pharmaceutical industries. If you're not able to access to them, you can use glass sugar, which is pulverized and it's less dangerous for your skin.

After you exfoliate your face:

- Do not expose your skin to the sun because it's sensitive.
- Do not use harsh products on your skin.
- Use moisturizing cream.
- Use sunscreen daily (very important).
- If you use makeup, don't sleep with it because your pores will be covered and will not be able to breath properly.

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