"Who is the king of trap?", Anuel AA challenges Bad Bunny

Anuel AA continues giving what to talk about. This time he challenges Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny to a "friendly poll" to define who is the king of trap.

Anuel AA never tires of causing controversy among his fans and the other singers of the trap genre, whom he always mentions.

He had already been harshly criticized by followers of the legend of the regret and trap genre, Daddy Yankee or Don Omar, after comparing himself with them and assuring that he was bigger.

"Who is the king of trap?", Anuel AA challenges Bad Bunny to a friendly poll

On other occasions, Anuel AA has said that he is the only and best living reggaeton player in the world, above other great figures in this Latin American urban genre.

After the release of his new album, entitled "Enmanuel", which until a few days ago was first on the list of the Latin Billboards, Anuel AA causes controversy by directly challenging none other than Bad Bunny.

In a video circulating on social networks, Anuel AA asks who is the real king of the trap, he or Bad Bunny, and opens a "friendly poll" to determine the winner.

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