Why did he do it? Amber Heard disappointed her fans with this behavior. It happened!

Amber Heard photo leaks that worries all her followers

By  Right Now Newsroom

Amber Heard is a distinguished actress who, thanks to her performance, Aquaman managed to attract the attention of thousands of people throughout the film world.

For this reason, many of the actress fans have created accounts on Instagram, where they decide to group all Amber followers to exchange curious data about the actress.

And it was in one of these fanpages where a photograph became popular in which you can see the actress like never before, because she has the makeup smeared, she is disheveled and as if that were not enough, she has a cigarette in her hand.

This snapshot managed to surprise his community of fans who now wonder if the cigarette was only to take the photo or if Amber actually smokes, because it is important to mention that it is not the first time she poses with one of them.

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