Will there be High School Musical cast reunion for their 15th anniversary? Find Out Here!

Will there be High School Musical cast reunion for their 15th anniversary? Find Out Here!

The Ex-Disney Star was honest about the famous Disney movie and about her pregnancy, read on, and find out the details.

Ashley Tisdale opened up about High School Musical's 15th anniversary in an exclusive interview with E! News. While Ashley Tisdale praised the impact of the franchise more than a decade after the release of the first High School Musical film directed by Kenny Ortega in January 2006 and said she doesn't think there will be a reunion in 2021. Indeed, Ashley He admitted that he hadn't even realized that this important anniversary was approaching. While the actress has no plans for a High School Musical reunion, there is one big thing she's looking forward to and that is motherhood. Ashley explained that the 10th anniversary was special for her and the rest of the High School Musical cast, which included Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Corbin Bleu, Lucas Grabeel, and Monique Coleman.

"Honestly, I have lost track because every year, there is an anniversary for one of those movies. I hope that every year there is another anniversary," he shared. "It's just ... a little crazy. I feel like we celebrate it every year almost at this time."

The 35-year-old star Ashley Tisdale confessed that she doesn't "watch the movies" either. But HSM fans can rest assured that Ashley Tisdale is far from scorning the success of the Disney movie series. As she explains, "I don't look at myself at all. I don't know any actor who enjoys looking at himself."

"We all get together," she said of that moment in his life. "But I don't see us getting back together. It's really amazing, obviously, and it's so sweet that everyone likes to count each year to all three [movies]. For us, there is always an anniversary." she added, "We are also very good friends and we talk in our daily lives. I don't see us getting together, especially in this sinister time of quarantine."

In September, Ashley shared the exciting news that she and her husband, Christopher French, were expecting their first child together. A month later, the couple revealed that they were having a baby girl.

When asked what surprised her the most about the pregnancy, the expectant mom joked that "the pregnancy itself." Putting the jokes aside, he replied, "I think perhaps the most surprising thing was how excited everyone was."

Ashley said she was "definitely nervous" about announcing her pregnancy, but when she saw the answers, she was very happy. "I was like, 'OMG, this is so crazy, this is so sweet,'" he recalled. "I felt a lot of love that day and it was quite amazing."

While it's unclear to fans when exactly Ashley's little girl is expected to arrive, she expressed why she's so excited to raise a daughter. "Knowing that she was a girl, I was very excited because I feel like I have so much to offer her," she said. "I'm independent and I feel like I've been through things that I can share with her. And to make her a strong, independent woman, that's something I look forward to." However, she knows that being a mother for the first time will not mean butterflies or rainbows. "

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