Will they end? Karol G does not want Anuel to finish that tattoo because "it is too soon"

Despite press rumors of a breakup, the stars of the urban genre are closer than ever.

Colombian singer Karol G and reggaeton player Anuel AA were left out of the collaboration they had on 'Culpable', a single that generated success for both artists and that would start a relationship 'in silence'.

As time went by, the signs of love made leaps and bounds. After that first live kiss in front of the public in November 2018, Anuel AA made a decision that is difficult to understand.

The Puerto Rican singer did not hesitate to tattoo the first photo they took together sticking out their tongues, before publishing their relationship. Although she asked him if he was sure, he had already made the decision to tattoo her face.

What is the most painful? Until now, of the 27 tattoos he has, the only one he has not completed is precisely the one he has with Karol G on his back, perhaps due to his size and because "it has been a long time" he has been "letting it go" since he started it over 1 year ago.

It seems that for Anuel it was always clear the fact that she would be "the love of his life" when they met 2 years ago, and he has the Colombian name Carolina tattooed.