With 1 single ingredient: Make your own butter using this easy recipe

Don't buy that commercial butter anymore, which is usually highly processed. We advise you to make this incredible homemade butter from the comfort of your kitchen. Full of flavor and love.

If you want to take care of your health being in control of everything you eat, then we invite you to prepare your own butter in the comfort of home, using this easy recipe. Start taking note.

With 1 single ingredient: Make your own butter using this easy recipe


How to make it:

1.- Place the cream in a large bowl and begin to beat with an electric mixer for about 60 minutes. You will notice the different changes that the butter goes through.

Homemade butter very easy to make

2.- When the time is up you must strain with a completely clean and dry cloth, over a strainer. Once it is there you should start squeezing the preparation, so that it releases all the serum.

Homemade butter super easy to make

3.- When you finish, take another container and add a little water. Then pass over the cloth with the butter inside to remove the rest of the whey, squeeze once more and add it in a bowl to start seasoning.

4.- You can add the ingredient you want from ½ tablespoon of salt, to parsley, lemon juice, garlic. If you wish, you can leave the butter as it is and start using it. Note: You should keep it in a container with a lid so that it lasts much longer.