Worse than smoking: Know which foods contain nicotine

In addition to tobacco, nicotine is present in many of the drinks and foods that are ingested daily, although in a smaller proportion. Take note.

Nicotine is an alkaloid as addictive as alcohol, cocaine or morphine, so its consumption can lead to severe chemical dependence on those who consume it. In high doses it is considered a psychostimulant and in low doses it has a sedative effect.

This organic compound is found in high levels in the leaves of the tobacco plant and in other plants of the Solanaceae family that you surely did not know, and that are part of the daily diet of a large part of the population.

Tomato. This vegetable contains a nicotine alkaloid called tomatin. Its proportion is marginal, 7 nanograms for each gram, It tends to disappear as it matures and during cooking, so it does not represent a health risk.

Potato. This tuber also contains a nicotine alkaloid called solanine and is present in a ratio of 4.3 nanograms per gram, although during cooking this measurement increases to 52 nanograms per gram.

Know which foods contain nicotine

Eggplant. This light and highly digestible vegetable, due to its large amount of fiber and water, contains the second highest concentration of solanine of the Solanaceae family of plants. The intake of 10 kilograms of eggplant equals a cigarette.

Pepper. This green vegetable, although it can also be found in yellow and red, contains two types of nicotine alkaloids, solanine and solanadine, in very low proportions so it does not pose a health risk.