You can! Follow these tips to overcome confinement at home

Follow these little tips to make sure you get out of this situation unpunished.

By  Right Now Newsroom

Quarantine as a social measure to stop the spread, is the only option to avoid getting sick. However, hundreds of hours at home can be torture, both for those who are alone and for those who share confinement.

Have fun at home!

It all starts with keeping calm, planning supplies, having disinfecting agents, cleaning, or in case of going out, when we return we must take off shoes, clothes and objects, and proceed to sterilize it, but above all, hand hygiene is essential since they are considered the main source of spread.

If you have already taken steps and can stay safe at home, it is time to plan how to spend this time at home, for it all your ingenuity and the best positive attitude you may have will be necessary regardless of the circumstances.

Have fun at home!

Take over the kitchen: Take the opportunity to learn a new recipe, or try to prepare a snack with the family, cooking is an act that is repeated several times a day, enjoy it and you will see how time passes without realizing it.

Marathons: If you have a streaming service like Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Disney plus or Apple Tv, do not hesitate to choose a series or movie of your liking that allows you to liven up your hours at home.

Finally, to have fun you just need a little imagination, you can read a book, do crafts, take photos or record videos or why not, get hold of your old board games, surely there is an old monopoly waiting to be dusted to offer long hours of laughter and fun.

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