You will not believe! See how Amber Heard prepares for her next love affair

Amber Heard promises to be a queen Is this true?

By  Right Now Newsroom

Amber Heard is a well-known actress and model who, after entering the DC comics cinematic universe, is considered one of the most beautiful superheroes in the world.

Recently, some important conflicts were revealed between her and her former partner, he also an actor Johnny Depp, presumably between these two there were strong cases of domestic violence.

Because of this, this beautiful actress decided to take self-defense classes, which also served for her performance in the movie "Aquaman" Did you know?

Today we will talk about a video where we can see her practicing some combat maneuvers against two aggressors, which she easily knocks down, thus demonstrating the knowledge she has acquired to defend herself.

The recording surprised all her followers, who soon made comments such as "I promise that no one else will put a finger on you, you are a formidable woman and I admire you very much"

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