You won't believe it: Danna Paola is heavily criticized for doing this

During the last weeks, a photograph of the famous actress has been viralized by all social networks. Danna Paola decided to appear in a photograph with a controversial product.

Danna Paola is a beautiful singer and actress of Mexican origin, which is characterized by being a great actress since she was little and now she works as a singer.

On the other hand, we have noticed that the fame of the talented singer and actress has increased considerably in the last months, specifically after having expressed very strong words  towards a character in a television program.

Since then, the famous has been constantly in the center of the hurricane. Many people did not like the attitude that the young artist took towards the boy, many indicated that "she used her fame to humiliate her."

But this did not end there. During the last days, a controversial photograph of the artist was leaked where she appears with a cigar on her lips. This completely unleashed criticism from her haters, who expressed:

"You only do it to attract attention", "That product has sickened and killed thousands of people and do you dare to use your image to promote it? You are the worst! ”,“ I can't believe what I'm seeing! ”.

And just like these, we can see many other comments.