Youtube will broadcast documentary series about the life of Demi Lovato

The series will be based on the singer's life in the last 3 years, showing everything she has personally and musically faced.

Demi Lovato's life has been linked to problems with the excessive use of prohibited substances and the challenges that her addiction has led her to face every day, both in her personal life and in her time in music.

The singer has overcome a hell between addictions and disorders

This talented singer has not only had to deal with her drug addiction, she was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder and eating disorder with recurring actions to harm her body.

That is why YouTube prepares a documentary series of the singer that will explain how the last 3 years of her life have been, and how she has overcome the resulting disorders and trauma.

The series will have 4 parts, and although it is not yet titled, the documentary was announced at an event called "Brandcast Delivered" by YouTube representatives.

In addition to this project, they also announced the second season of Instant Influencer With James Charles, a special program in which you can interact with YouTube creator Markiplier, the children's series Lockdown and a couple of other projects that will add to the news of the platform.