9 tips to make the perfect homemade apple pie!

9 tips to make the perfect homemade apple pie!

Apple pie is prepared in many kitchens around the world, although there are many variants of both name and recipe, what can't be missed is its crispy crust and the apple and cinnamon filling, it's irresistible!

It is a perfect dessert to enjoy in cold weather, accompanied by your favorite coffee or a glass of milk. If you want to surprise your family or just pamper yourself, don't hesitate to prepare an apple pie, it's very easy and homemade and it's much tastier.

Apple pie is prepared in many kitchens around the world

Follow these tips to prepare the perfect apple pie

1. Make your crust with butter, only butter!: If you want to have the best flavor in the crust or base of your apple pie, your best option will be butter. 

2. Refrigerate the dough: This will not only make it easier to stretch, but it will also prevent it from shrinking when you are baking it.

3. Use the right apple: Although all apples are delicious, not all are ideal for baking. Usually you use the Granny Smith green apple. If you want to use another type of apple we recommend: Gala and Golden Delicious. This last one will give a unique flavor to your apple pie.

4. Cooking your apples is essential: this will soften your apples, but they will not lose their shape, here is the time to add water, cinnamon powder and sugar. Do not hesitate to try it, remember that we are preparing the PERFECT apple pie!

We are preparing the PERFECT apple pie!

5. Add a spoonful of cornstarch: it will give the necessary thickness to your pie, this texture that we all love.  Another tip we can give you is to cover the crust of the pie with cornstarch, this will prevent it from getting wet when baking.

6. Refrigerate your apple pie with filling 10 minutes before baking: this will make it keep its shape.

7. Bake for 50-60 minutes at 190 C: the time in the apple pie is everything, if you take it out before the oven you will end up with a not so crispy crust, and we definitely don't want that.

8. When 40 minutes have passed take the pie out of the oven and sprinkle a little sugar: if you are covering it with dough. Otherwise skip this step.

9. Let it cool down before serving!: The idea of eating a pie fresh from the oven sounds tempting and delicious, but the reality is that you don't want to burn your tongue and a hot filling. This pie is perfect for eating at room temperature. Suck it up, if you can.

Now you are ready to make the best apple pie, homemade, easy and fast!

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