A simple recipe for avocado lovers

Who doesn’t love avocado? We know that there will be people who do not like it, but for those who cannot live without it we have a simple recipe.

Avocado is a fruit that contains many nutrients and is a source of energy. It has more potassium than banana, it is good for the heart, rich in fiber, its fat is low in cholesterol and triglycerides, it helps absorb various nutrients and it is beneficial for the sight.

For all these reasons we bring you this dish that you can prepare in just a few minutes.



Chop the tomatoes and onions into small pieces. Then, cut the avocados in half and empty some of their contents carefully. Mix all the ingredients together with the mayonnaise and a few drops of lemon. Use this mixture to refill the avocados. Done! We recommend to accompany with crackers and some citrus drink. Bon appetit!

Alejandro Peña

Journalist, broadcaster and creative editor+ info

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