Baked tuna pie, a recipe as simple as it is delicious!

Tuna pie is one of those recipes that you have to keep as gold in cloth: it is very good, it is very simple to prepare and we can also have it prepared in advance. The best thing is that this cake can be eaten both warm and cold, so it is an all-terrain recipe and it can be served both in winter and in summer.

This salty tuna pie is not a very caloric dish, with a moderate portion we can eat very well and it is ideal for children. We can accompany the tuna pie with a salad and Philadelphia cheese, and of course mayonnaise.

Baked tuna pie



Baked tuna pie


Grind the ingredients

In a bowl add all the ingredients and beat with a mixer at half power until everything is well integrated.

Grease the inside of the mold with a little butter or margarine and pour the mixture into the mold.

We take our tuna cake to the oven, with the oven preheated to 180º, heat up and down for 40-45 minutes approximately. The top will begin to toast.

To know that the tuna pie is ready, we prick it with a skewer stick: if it comes out clean, it is ready, if not, we will leave it for 5 minutes more.


Serve the tuna pie with a little salad, and a cheese and mayonnaise dip (if you want to make it prettier for presentation you can put it in a piping bag). This tuna pie is perfect as a starter for any celebration or special family day, as it is very light and colorful.

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