Can there be a better dessert than these Oreo brownies?

Are you a chocolate fan? We prepared for you the best chocolate dessert option you can cook to pamper yourself: Oreo Brownies.

One of the tricks to make sure these chocolate brownies are creamy inside is that when they are in the oven, you can prick them with a toothpick and see how the baking goes. You must make sure that the toothpick is almost completely clean.

Are you a chocolate fan? This recipe is for you!


These chocolate brownies are very creamy inside


Preheat the oven to 180°C. Melt the butter and half the chocolate in the microwave within 30 seconds. Immediately add the sugar and mix until dissolved with a whisk. Add the eggs one by one and the vanilla. Add the flour, the cocoa, the salt, the chopped chocolate and the chocolate chips. It integrates perfectly.

Pour the mixture into a previously greased and floured brownie mould, smooth with a spatula and place the Oreo cookies. Bake for 30 to 35 minutes. Remove and cool. Unmold, cut in squares and serve.


Serve and accompany with a glass of cold milk.

Remove your brownies from the oven when the toothpick is almost clean, so they will be more chocolatey inside.

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