Chef’s tip: try this easy cucumber Raita

Today, we bring you another easy and delicious dish. You can prepare Raita in many ways, and today we have one made of cucumber. See the recipe.  

This traditional Indian side dish can be prepared with many different ingredients. We have today a healthy way of preparing it so it can go perfectly with your diet. Give it a try and enjoy this traditional dish and in a healthy way.

Cucumber Raita



  1. Rinse the cucumber. Then peel the cucumber and finely chop it. You can also grate the cucumber.
  2. In a bowl, beat the curd till smooth.
  3. Add the grated cucumber to the curd.
  4. Add all the dry spice powders, rock salt or black salt and coriander leaves.
  5. Mix well and serve cucumber raita.
  6. You could even garnish the cucumber raita with some coriander leaves or mint leaves.

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