Chocolate domino cookies, a fun and delicious snack, and very easy to prepare!

If you like chocolate cookies we are sure you will love these. They are simple butter cookies, to which we have added a little bit of unsweetened cocoa powder and we have turned them into dominoes, they look very pretty!

In addition to enjoying a delicious children's snack with a big glass of milk, your children will have a great time playing with the domino cookies.

Chocolate domino cookies

To make the separation that carries the domino we do it with a skewer stick drawing on the dough, you will see how some crumbs are formed, you just have to remove them carefully. You can also make the mark with the same plating ring, pressing in the center, but without reaching the bottom so as not to cut the cookies, pressing very gently.

Ingredients for 20 cookies

Chocolate domino cookies


Put the butter in a bowl (it has to be at room temperature). Beat well and add little by little the sugar until it is perfectly integrated.

Add the egg and continue mixing until it has been perfectly integrated with the butter and sugar.

Sift the flour and cocoa with a fine sieve and add little by little flour and cocoa to the previous mixture, mix well until a homogeneous dough is formed. We make a ball and reserve.

On our work table we put a sheet of baking paper, on it we put our cookie dough, we slightly flatten the ball that we have formed with the dough and on the dough we put another baking paper.

With a rolling pin we stretch the dough well until it is about 1 cm thick. Put the dough in the refrigerator and let it rest for 1 hour.

After the time we remove the dough from the refrigerator and put it on the baking sheet with the baking paper. We form our domino cookies, to do this we remove the baking paper from the top. Cut the dough with the square plating ring, we will have several squares. With the same square plate ring we cut the square of dough in half.

Separate the two cookies a little bit and with the help of a skewer stick gently draw the separation of the dominoes (be careful not to cut the cookie, it has to be drawn very smoothly).

Finally, we decorate our cookies with lacasitos. Bake for 5 minutes at 180ºC, heat up and down. After the time we remove the cookies from the oven and let them harden a little on the tray out of the oven. After about 5 minutes remove the cookies carefully from the baking tray and let them cool on a wire rack.

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