Enjoy these pears in red wine... no sugar!

Enjoy this truly delicious and very simple to prepare dessert with this easy recipe. Its wrapped taste combines perfectly with the sweetness of the fruit and the most delicious thing is that it does not contain any sugar.

Red wines are the healthiest, with more antioxidants than all other varieties. This is because the grape skins are not eliminated during fermentation. So this recipe will also bring several benefits to your body.

Enjoy this truly delicious and very simple to prepare dessert


Red wines are the healthiest


On a board, peel the pears with the help of a potato peeler. Once peeled, you can keep them in water until use.

In a pot, pour and mix the red wine with the water, the fat peppers, the cloves, the star anise and the orange peel. Add the peeled pears and the cinnamon stick, cover and cook at medium-low heat for 20 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool.

Cut the pears in half. Serve, pour in the spiced red wine and decorate with star anise, cinnamon and mint leaves.


With this same process you can prepare other fruits in red wine, such as apples, peaches or guava.

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