Grilled watermelon with hot chocolate, a dessert as simple as it is delicious

Grilled watermelon is a recipe that is no less delicious for its simplicity, and is perfect for children's dessert or even for when we have unexpected visitors.

We know if a watermelon is ripe if the spot on the rind that has been in contact with the ground is creamy yellow. A white or greenish stain indicates that it was picked too early and will be tasteless.

Grilled watermelon with hot chocolate

The trick to choosing a ripe watermelon is that when tapped with the fingers or palms of the hands it should sound "hollow". Its surface should not have scars, sunburn, abrasions, dirty areas, bruises or other defects. If a watermelon is purchased in chunks, make sure that the 'flesh' is firm and juicy.

The ease with which this fruit can be consumed is maximum, as it does not need to be peeled, which makes it an ideal dessert for children, and given the soft texture of its pulp, this fruit is suitable for those who have difficulty chewing food. Two good slices of watermelon will replace a glass of water, and with the pleasure of tasting a refreshing, sweet and tasty fruit.


Grilled watermelon with hot chocolate


Heat the tub as indicated by the manufacturer. Cut the watermelon in an aesthetic way, in rather thick pieces to avoid that when passing it through the griddle they break. Heat the griddle and grill, turn the fruit over and over. Serve on a plate, sprinkle with hot chocolate and decorate with a few mint leaves.

For younger children it can be cut into cubes and let them prick them and dip them in the chocolate. Don't you think it's a simple, healthy and delicious idea?

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